In addition to living with a fantastic guide dog, my husband and I share our home with three kitties, who are all quite different from each other. Figured I would introduce them to you.



 Annie Meowing



10-year-old Domestic short-haired
Nicknames: Pretty Kitty, the Fun Police, Dr. Annie
Hobbies: cuddling (only at night), tormenting the other cats, playing with her feathered stick
Quirks: If you are reading a book and she wants your attention, she will lay on the book so you can’t read it.
Things that annoy her: Anything with more than two legs, being closed up in closets






6-year-old Russian blue
Nicknames: Dasher, the Kitten, Houdini
Hobbies: playing with the boy (see below), cuddling, snuggling with Jenny, lounging around, general goofiness
Quirks: She loves to get outside, thus the nickname Houdini; she has the most pitiful meow if she wants it
Things that annoy her: Being caught once she’s done her Houdini routine, and she gets annoyed if she generally wants to be moody



Boyo trying to escape


5-year-old tabby
Nicknames: The Boy, Boyo, Girlie-man
Hobbies: playing, cuddling, baiting the dog
Quirks: Many people think he’s a girl because his meow is so whiny; he likes to take my husband’s desk chair if he isn’t sitting in it Things that annoy him: not much; he’s pretty chill



Dash and Wayne are best friends

Dash and Wayne are best friends


Dash and Wayne are best friends, and it’s not uncommon to see them snuggling or playing together.

That wraps up the menagerie!