So, who am I, anyway?

As is obvious in my blog address and its tagline, I am visually impaired – blind, if you prefer (I won’t get mad at you for using the word).  This is by no means the only aspect to my life.  I am a wife, an animal lover (particularly dogs and cats), an athlete, a bookworm, a jewelry designer, a musician, a writer, a dreamer, and all-round in-your-face kinda gal.

When I am not stirring up trouble, bridging the world between those who can see and those who cannot, you will likely find me curled up on the couch with a good book, playing the piano (and falling in love with the guitar again) and writing songs, or drinking too much coffee.  I guess I am lucky that I am a relatively social person, as my guide dog, Jenny, seems to gain attention everywhere we go, sometimes for good and sometimes…

I am always interested in blog post ideas, particularly if they relate to living as a blind person who simply wants to be treated “normally”.  While that may never happen in my lifetime, if I treat my blindness as neither mystical nor insurmountable, the closer we will get to that end.  If you have any questions, or wish me to make you pretty beaded things (hopefully a web page will come soon), please feel free to message me on Twitter, email me, or ask a question in the comments.  I love to hear from my readers.


If you like my words, my work, or if I make you question just a little bit about life, buy me a coffee and spread the word!


6 thoughts on “So, who am I, anyway?”

  1. I am a guide dog puppy raiser and reading your posts and those of other guide dog users is immensely helpful to me! Your stories open up all kinds of issues that I see will help me lead my pup in the right directions. Thanks so much for your openness!!!


    • hello! I am SO sorry I didn’t notice this beforehand. Thanks for stopping by!

      If you have any specific questions, or even general ones, I would be more than happy to answer or ask others who have more experience than myself 🙂


  2. David F said:

    Interesting postings. Would you talk about your work experience?


  3. Thank you! You have a great service! I have made the changes, & I have received donations! 🙂 thank you for a great product, & a way for people to support my writing without breaking their banks as well. 🙂


  4. Hello, it’s nice to meet you and I look forward to exploring your blog. Have a nice weekend! Steph


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